Tuesday, November 13, 2012

IT Nation Podcasts: PacketTrap and LogicMonitor

I posted the two more interviews from IT Nation over at the SMB Community Podcast blog.

Larry Walsh is the CEO of The 2112 Group. They 2112 Group are an analyst firm that supports vendors in the solution provider community. They provide “leadership and best practices” for solution providers. Larry brings a unique perspective to our channel relationships.

Steve Noel is a Technical Sales Engineer at Axcient. He talked to me about his role at Axcient and what the company’s up to these days. Axcient is a 100% Channel focused backup and BDR solution.

1. Larry Walsh - CEO of The 2112 Group - Larry Walsh: Vendors Sell Direct to Users: “Get Over It”

2. Steve Noel - Technical Sales Engineer at Axcient - Axcient Offers 100% Channel Focused Backup and BDR Solution

Please check out these and all the other interviews (over 40) at www.smbcommunitypodcast.com.


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