Sunday, November 18, 2012

IT Nation Podcasts: Vendor Education and Cooperation Highlighted

I posted up three more podcasts from last week's IT Nation. A few of them struck me as particularly interesting because they had a theme of cooperation.

You can find all of these posted at the SMB Community Blog:

Three podcasts went up this morning:

1. Jay McBain - ChannelEyes - ChannelEyes to Launch Dozens of Mobile Apps to Connect Vendors and Partners

- In this podcast we see how vendors are learning to communicate better with their partners and working with ChannelEyes to create vendor-specific apps for communication.

2. Erinn Davis - LabTech/Quosal/ConnectWise - ConnectWise-LabTech-Quosal Triple Play

- Erinn talks about her role and how the community team works to help partners get the most out of the cooperative features built into the ConnectWise family of products.

3. Geoff Parker - PacketTrap - PacketTrap and Labtech Together – A Surprisingly Good Combo

- Geoff tells us about an unexpected combination that gives partners a much deeper monitoring and reporting than either product alone. Talk about Coopetition.

Please check out these and all the other interviews (over 50) at


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