Thursday, November 01, 2012

Grab These Three Great Marketing Videos (plus Handouts)

Everyone can use a fresh perspective on marketing. What works? What doesn't?

I personally hate sales, so like a system that gets prospects to call me and invite me into their office. One of the great masterminds who has produced systems like this - targeted specifically for the I.T. space - is Robin Robins.

Right now Robin is releasing a truly great FREE video series (seminar). The first module is 39 minutes long and includes a 16 page worksheet for looking at your business, your clients, and your offerings. It includes a great checklist on putting together a successful marketing campaign.

I promise you can get some good tips out of this seminar series. In fact, I'm going to forward this link to each of my coaching clients.

Here are the specs on the video seminar:

FREE Video Seminar "How To Build An Autopilot Client Attraction Marketing System For Your Managed Services Practice"

This Video Seminar Will Show You:

- The fastest, easiest and most effective system for acquiring high-quality MSP clients.

- Why most managed services providers' marketing actually REPELLS clients; and how to make sure you're not making the same mistakes.

- Real-life examples and case studies of marketing campaigns that have worked incredibly well for other MSPs.

- The 4 key ingredients that must be present in every campaign you run if you want to get responses, appointments and ultimately, MSP sales.

- A very simple way of looking at marketing to make it really easy to draft, plan and implement an effective managed services marketing plan.

- - - - -

As many of you know, I have used Robin's materials for more than seven years. I love this stuff. And I think if you can download a few hours worth of great training for free, you should!

Check it out today and don't forget to download the pdf worksheets.

Thanks, Robin!

Get the free marketing video seminar now.


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