Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Three More Podcasts: Blowing Things Up, Helping Community, and Building Community

I posted three more podcasts from SMB Nation. These were just posted in the last 24 hours at the SMB Community Podcast blog.
Check out the SMB Community Podcast!

1. Jon Sastre - MSP and IAMCP – A Powerful Combo. Jon’s company is Conquest Technology Services of Southern Florida. They are the Microsoft Partner of the Year for Lync.

2. Regina Ciardiello – Report from SMB Nation and News About Jeremiah. Regina is the Editor of SMB Nation magazine. We talked about a few things, including the impending bone marrow transplant for SMB Nation staffer Jeremiah Ilges.

3. Shannon Kohn - Datto Destroys and Recovers a Machine Live at SMB Nation. Shannon is the Director of Marketing and Channel Relations for Datto. And what more fun can you have than to destroy things? Check out her report.

Please check out these and all the other interviews (over 40) at www.smbcommunitypodcast.com.


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