Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Fun and Interesting People at SMB Nation

Last week I attended the 10th annual SMB Nation conference. As usual, I rubbed elbows with a lot of fun and interesting people. I recorded some quick podcosts with several of them. (See recent posts at the SMB Community Podcast.) Here are three more:

Rent the Time Machine!
1. Mark Shields owns a Delorean "Time Machine" and he was brought to the show by Storagecraft and Intel to contribute to the theme of Back to the Future.

2. Robert Patterson runs the New York SBS User Group. A vibrant and active group.

3. Manuel Palachuk is a business coach, I.T. savant, and outsourced COO. Oh, and we're related.

Please check out these and all the other interviews (over 40) at


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