Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Prayers and Positive Vibes for Kristen Brelsford

Harry Brelsford is perhaps the best known person in the SMB IT space. Many of us have been honored to meet his wife Kristen as well. Harry posted the following note on Facebook after an incident on Labor Day:

Monday, Sept. 3rd.

For once I'm surprisingly uncomfortable posting up *but* realize you can offer support/thoughts/vibes/prayers/feelings.

Shortly after our last biking photo was taken earlier today, Kristen was involved in a serious cycling accident after hitting a new speed bump in Fort Ward Park and slipping out. She has been airlifted by helicopter to Harborview and initial early tests indicate a concussion, fractured skull and internal bleeding. 

After more extensive tests are completed, I'll be meeting with the neurosurgeon to develop a plan of action. I just know she'll be fine but it could be a bit of a journey back...thanks in advance for your thoughts as I'm also kinda shaken up over this. I'll keep you posted.

My heart and prayers go out to the Brelsford family as they begin to work through this. Harry's a tough guy and lives his life very publicly. I can tell you it is sometimes difficult to put some things out in the public sphere. But it's also a blessing when the prayers and positive vibes flow in.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

That's what community means.


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  1. Any updates about her recovery? Let's continue to pray for her and her family as well. Thanks for sharing.


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