Tuesday, September 04, 2012

MSP Mentor Announces MSP 250 This Week

For the fifth year in a row, MSP Mentor has published their list of the 250 most influential people in the MSP space. This year they added a category called "Locked In the NOC" to identify people who actually built the MSP industry by launching companies, building communities, or creating the top MSPs. This is basically their Hall of Fame.

You can view the Locked in the NOC list at: http://www.mspmentor.net/noc.

The big "250" list is being unveiled this week a little at a time. The first 55 are listed for names beginning with A, B, and C. You can see all those folks, and their bio and contact information at http://www.mspmentor.net/250-2/. The rest of the 250 will be rolled out between now and Friday.

Thanks to Joe Panettieri and the good folks at Nine Lives Media for publishing this list over the last five years!


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