Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SOP Friday Series on Kindle

In May of last year I started a series on this blog called SOP Friday - which stands for Standard Operating Procedure Friday. The series is an attempt to discuss all the SOPs that you might adopt to create a successful SMB Consulting / Managed Service Provider practice.

The series has been extremely popular. I created an index to the series at www.smallbizthoughts.comhttp://www.smallbizthoughts.com/events/SOPFriday.html ). At this point, SOP Friday posts account for 50% of the top ten posts of all time for the last six years!

Several people have asked how they can make sure they don't miss any SOP Friday posts. Here's one way.

Subscribe to this blog on the Kindle for only $0.99 per month. You'll get every post about everything, including all of the SOP Friday posts.

Right now I have SOP Friday posts scheduled through January of 2013. So it's a long-term project!
Subscribe to this blog on kindle here: http://www.amazon.com/Small-Biz-Thoughts-Karl-Palachuk/dp/B0037CF0QM

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The most popular articles in the series are . . .

1. SOP Friday: Massaging the Service Board (Sep. 2011)

2. SOP Friday: How Do Service Requests Get Into Your System (Aug. 2011)

3. SOP Friday: Activating and Registering Client Software (Dec. 2011)

4. SOP Friday: Hardware Replacement and Upgrade Policies (Dec. 2011)

5. SOP Friday: Server Down Procedures (Feb. 2012)

6. SOP Friday: The First Client Visit (Feb. 2012)

7. SOP Friday: Response Times - Guarantees and Delivery (Feb. 2012)

8. SOP Friday: Email Rules and Etiquette for the Consultant (Feb. 2012)

9. SOP Friday: Keeping Your Standards and Procedures Organized (Jan. 2012)

10. SOP Friday: Time Tracking for Employees (Oct. 2011)


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