Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Third Tier Offers the Next Step in Escalated Support

Amy Babinchak over at Third Tier asked me to help her announce a new program they've got.

Her Memo:

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    For Immediate Release Heads up! Third Tier has announced a new way for you to access top IT talent. If you've already worked with Third Tier you need to know that this program is completely different than the single ticket that you have been using and is designed for companies that would like to develop an on-going deeper relationship with Third Tier. This new program allows you to add a member of Third Tier to your staff.  
    "There comes a point in every successful IT firm when you realize that you need someone with technical expertise that is greater than yours. Then you go into the marketplace to look for one and realize that people with THAT level of skill start at more than you're making." Says Amy Babinchak, Managing Partner of Third Tier and President of Harbor Computer Services an SBSC. Ouch. Third Tier has put together a program that will allow you to "hire" a fraction of one of their top guys.  
    Find out more on the Third Tier website at these two locations
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Basically, Third Tier is offering to sell you prepaid access to their engineers for escalated support. This is a great idea if you need an assist from time to time and don't want to plop down a Visa for each incident.

This is a great idea. It adds capacity to your business without adding staff to your budget. Check out the details and contact Amy if you need more info.


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