Wednesday, July 06, 2011

ChannelPro-SMB . . . Digital Edition

Just in case you didn't get the email . . .

ChannelPro-SMB, one of the great magazines for the SMB consultant, has released their digital edition for July. You need to subscribe, but that's free and easy.

Topics this month include:

- The 5 Most Glaring Gaps in SMB IT. What customers don’t know will hurt their businesses—and maybe yours too.

- Public vs. Private Cloud—Which is Safer? Not surprisingly, the choice is not clear cut. Find out why and then how you should proceed from there.

- E-Learning Solutions in Your Arsenal. Increase revenues and differentiate your business among the competition using an e-learning platform to train customers on your solutions.

With the digital issues, you can easily flip through articles, click hotlinks for direct access to online content, and hope over to advertiser web sites.

To check it out, go to ChannelPro Online. On the right you'll see a button that says

Subscribe to the magazine.


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