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SOP Friday: Index to the Series

Note: This original post only listed articles published as of that day. The permanent index to the series is at

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The SOP Friday series has been very popular. Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback and props. I appreciate it. Please tell your friends, post it on forums, Tweet about it, and shoutout on Facebook. Thank you.

In case you missed it, I've been doing a series since May of this year called SOP Friday - or Standard Operating Procedure Friday. It's a series dedicated to helping small computer consultants develop the right processes and procedures to create a successful and profitable consulting business.

The 12th article in the series is scheduled to post on Friday, July 29th. So it makes sense to give you some kind of an index by subject so you don't have to go looking through the blog to find the content you're looking for. I have posted the table of contents for the series at
Small Biz Thoughts on a static page so it's easy to find.

Of course you can always subscribe to this blog on Feedburner and you'll never miss a post.

The official table of contents page for the blog series has links to all the articles. But here's a plain list in case you're interested in knowing what you missed so far:

Original Date / Article Title

May 13 = SOP Friday: The !Tech Directory

May 20 = SOP Friday: Date Formats

May 27 = SOP Friday: Working in Real Time

June 3 = SOP Friday: Service Ticket Updates

June 10 = SOP Friday: Approved Tools

June 17 = SOP Friday: Nuking and Paving

June 24 = SOP Friday: Used Equipment and Warranties

July 1 = SOP Friday: New PC Checklists

July 8 = SOP Friday: Troubleshooting and Repair Logs

July 15 = SOP Friday: Router and Firewall Configurations

July 22 = SOP Friday: Responding to Viruses

And here is the schedule of articles to be published in the month ahead:

July 29 = SOP Friday: Local Docs, My Docs, and Storing Files on the Server - Coming Soon

Aug 5 = Hourly vs. Salary Employees

Aug 12 = Service Ticket Statuses to Use and When to Use Them

Aug 19 = Setting Job Priorities

Aug 26 = How Do Service Requests Get Into Your System?

Please bookmark that page, check back often, and let me know if you have any feedback on the series.


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