Sunday, May 29, 2011

24 Hours In The Cloud - June 1st

Well, really June 1st and 2nd . . . Live on the Internet.

I announced awhile back that I'm going to be on GITCA's "24 Hours In The Cloud" program. See to register.

This will be a series of 24 presentations with Q&A . . . all focused on delivering cloud services and making money.

I will be presenting an hour called Migrating to SBS Essentials with Hosted Exchange and Hosted Backup. In this short span I will try to cover the business argument for making this move, give some technical how-to, and answer questions.

Here's the tentative schedule (all times are U.S. Pacific Time Zone):

June 1st

9:00:00 AM Doug Terry

10:00:00 AM J. Trevor Hughes

11:00:00 AM Ricardo Gonzalez Vargas

12:00:00 PM Rodrigo Pinto

1:00:00 PM Swanand Pol

2:00:00 PM Neil Simon

3:00:00 PM Dave O'Leary - 1

4:00:00 PM Dave O'Leary - 2

5:00:00 PM Andy Zhang

6:00:00 PM Dana Epp & Charlie Russell

7:00:00 PM Jesús Enrique Gonzales Azcarate

8:00:00 PM Jim Reavis

9:00:00 PM Karl W. Palachuk

10:00:00 PM Seb Matthews

11:00:00 PM Anton Staykov

June 2nd

12:00:00 AM Miguel Lopez

1:30:00 AM Cheng Zhang

2:00:00 AM Reza Ameri

3:00:00 AM Bill Wilder

4:00:00 AM Tomica Kaniski

5:00:00 AM Razi bin rais

6:30:00 AM Greg Edwards

7:00:00 AM Martin Schmidt - 1

8:00:00 AM Martin Schmidt - 2

Notice that Dana Epp and Charlie Russell also have a presentation on security.

Please Join us!


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