Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ZDNet UK Advisory Panel

Hey, UK folks. I got this note from Rupert Goodwins, Editor of ZDNet UK. In case you are interested and haven't seen it, they're forming an advisory Panel.

    As the first stop for IT professionals who want authoritative, analytical and insightful coverage of the latest developments in technology, we want to find out more about what you want and how you want it.
    We'd like to hear your thoughts on how ZDNet UK can help you get the information you need about business technology, to help you succeed in your career.
    So we're setting up the ZDNet UK Advisory Panel – an exclusive group of individuals who will take part in active discussions which will help shape the future of ZDNet UK.
    As an Advisory Panel member we will regularly be in touch to get your insights and advice, and you'll have a privileged channel straight to the heart of the site.
    It's your chance to make a difference.
    Rupert Goodwins
    Editor, ZDNet UK

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