Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Elancer and Freelancers Wanted

This is an appeal to all the authors and publishers out there. I would love to have your feedback in the comments section.

I want to compile some good sites for labor brokering on the Internet. In particular, I'd like to build a resource focused on the skills needed to publish a book:

- Copy editing
- Book Design (internal)
- Cover Design/Graphics
- Layout
- Graphics
- Creating final PDFs of production files
- Formatting for electronic publication
- Indexing

As with most projects, there is general assistance available with sites such as http://www.elance.com/, http://www.freelancer.com/, and http://www.99designs.com/.

I'm looking for all the other sites out there. In particular the ones you've had good experiences with and would recommend to others.

Feel free to list your own stuff as well.

As long as it's on topic and not some multi-level scheme for getting rich on Acai berries, I won't filter comments.

Thanks for the assist.

-- kp



  1. I've hired help through http://rentacoder.com, which is a great resource for finding technical developers (ebook formatting, app development for ipad, software development, etc.).

    Of course there is http://craigslist.org.

    I'll be interested to see what other recommendations are made here!

  2. Karl,


    Robert Crane

  3. Also for virtual assistants:


  4. I look forward to exploring what others post. I have not used anyone online and thus have no outside experience. Though I do have great artists who can design inside or cover art, if you are looking for original artwork, I highly recommend all three of these ladies:
    Carol Phillips http://www.carolphillipsart.com

    Jane Starr Weils

    Ann Rothan


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