Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sex Education vs. Sex Training

I'm at the last day of the big Robin Robins Boot camp. One of the great motivational speakers today was Nido Qubein. He asked a key question: What's the difference between Education and Training?

Well, think about your teenage children. Would you like to enroll them in Sex Education or Sex Training?

Only one of these is about learning the big picture, making good decisions, understanding where you can choose go, and knowing how to move toward some things and away from others.

Education is much more important, and more powerful, than training.

Most of the conferences you will attend in the I.T. space are 80% Training and 20% Education. Robin Robins' big boot camp is 99.9% education. It is completely focused on building your business and taking your life to the next level.

The world of Information Technology has to have a training component. But training without a higher-level vision of where training fits in the big picture cannot lead to extreme success. Extreme Success comes from having a vision and working on the vision as much as working on the business.

No matter how good you are at your business, lots of other people are just as good. Some are better. Being extremely successful requires that you take time to work on building your success. Sometimes that's "sappy" motivational stuff. And sometimes it's just as simple as taking time to allow yourself to be inspired.

This conference has been one of the most motivating and inspiring events I've ever seen. Anyone in any industry would be able to get a lot out of this event. The fact that Robin focuses on the I.T. industry and wraps all of the education around our industry simply makes it that much easier for us to take this motivation home and work on execution for the next year.

Thanks, Robin. See you next year.


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