Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fill Out The SMB Salary / Compensation Survey

My friend Harry Brelsford (SMB Nation) asked me to pass you a note: Please participate in the fifth annual Salary Survey for SMB Consultants!

Here's a note from Harry about the survey:

This year we have made significant upgrades to the survey. I believe you will appreciate our efforts, and I want to highlight a few improvements here.

SMB Technology Network (SMBTN) ( has teamed with us to provide a better survey collection site and to promote the survey more broadly to its membership. This takes us to another level beyond the SMB PC magazine readership and the SMB Nation tribe.

Regina Ciardiello joined us a few months ago as managing editor for SMB PC. At prior jobs within the SMB channel media, she had insights into other salary survey stories and the behind-the-scenes efforts. We are thankful for her energy and passion for improving our humble "grass roots" survey and making it more professional.

Anurag Agrawal is the CEO and Founder of Techaisle, a global SMB IT market research and analyst organization headquartered in San Jose, CA. His career has been dedicated to IT-related research and his new firm focuses on many SMB and channel topics. We invited Anurag, and he quickly accepted the opportunity to participate in our 5th Annual Salary/Compensation Survey. His role is very important. For the first time, we have a bona fide research organization (think Gartner, IDC, and Forrester) overseeing, compiling and analyzing our survey results! We've gone PRO! Techaisle also has safeguard in place as a research organization to confidentially collect sensitive data. Anurag will be the lead author on the cover story analyzing the survey results.

SMB Nation itself remains deeply involved in the project. Say what you must, but if anything, we're persistent. We continue to invest in the SMB channel and honor our grassroots commitment as one of the early "SBSers" in our space. Along the way, we hope our consistent and predictable behavior has earned your trust and confidence. The 5th Annual Salary/Compensation Survey is a reflection of that apex of values, ethical standards and professionalism.

To complete the survey, go to

Thanks, all.


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