Sunday, February 07, 2010

Cloud Services Roundtable - Great Agenda Ahead

We've been busy beavers over at the Cloud Services Roundtable. Please see the postings at

You can register (free) right now for shows through April. Here's an overview of our agenda:
  • February 17th (9:00 AM Pacific) - The Low-Down on BPOS
    Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite - has not been well received by the consultant/partner community. Well it's been a few years. What are the real margins, strategies, and positioning for this product suite? Read the full description at and register today.
  • March 3rd (9:00 AM Pacific) - Live Cloudcast from SMB VOIP Conference
    Join us as we broadcast live from the SMB VOIP Conference in Las Vegas. We'll talk to some VOIP folks who are moving to a hosted model big time. In some sense, hosted telephone service has been around longer than most computer technology. Let's find out what our options are for MONEY in the SMB space!
  • March 24th (9:00 AM Pacific) - One Cloud Vendor Talks Specifics of Reseller Options
    One of the great trainers on Cloud Computing is going to be announcing some very cool offerings for the SMB Space. We'll let someone else scoop the actual announcement. I'm not an ace reporter. But we'll do an in-depth interview and give you as much specific information as we can about how you can make money in the cloud.
  • April 14th (9:00 AM Pacific) - Karl Talks About Specific Offerings and Plans
    We've been blogging and talking about these offerings for years. Now we're ready to share some sample offerings with the SMB Consulting community. That means sales materials, discussion points for clients, configurations, and migration processes. We're going to try to cram it all into 60 minutes! Lots of specifics.

For all of these you'll find nice full descriptions at Please go and register for free right now.

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Note: There is a schedule change for the Cloud Services Roundtable in March and April. We normally broadcast live on the first and third Wednesdays. But due to travel and other commitments, we are having a few shows on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays.

These show include March 24th, April 14th, and possibly April 28th.

- - -

We have been extremely pleased with the Cloud Services Roundtable broadcasts so far. Turnout has been good and the feedback has been positive. Believe me folks, the rocket ship is moving just a little faster than you're aware of. Don't miss the ride!


Join Karl for a Zero Downtime Migration Seminar

New Orleans, March 17th

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