Monday, February 08, 2010

Small Biz Thoughts Blog Is Now On Kindle

Well, it's great to be a geek!

If you subscribe to my weekly email (sign up here) then you know that I recently made my blog available on the Kindle.

You can view it here:

This is clearly not a money making venture. At least not directly. Amazon sets the price and keeps most of the money. The money they don't keep doesn't show up for a few months. So I'm hoping I'll get enough to buy a beer by SMB Nation's Fall Conference.

So why do it? Well, it's a sneaky little marketing strategy. If I can reach a new audience, or get current readers to read more often and more completely, then my message spreads farther and farther. I want every consultant to be a successful consultant.

You can subscribe now and it will automatically be FREE for the first 14 days.

Whether you subscribe or not, will you please post a positive review for me at the link above? As a friend pointed out, when shopping the Kindle Store reviews mean a lot. If you have found value in this blog, please post a quick note. One sentence is enough. Thank you!

One of my freelance mastermind friends is author Stephanie Chandler ( She wrote this very nice review of my blog: Thanks Stephanie!

Here are a few other blogs you might find interesting on Kindle:

- MSPmentor on Kindle

- The VAR Guy on Kindle

- Stuart Selbst Blog

There are about 8500 blogs on Kindle right now. Most will never get any serious attention. But a few will. If you have a blog, this may be worth considering. Again, not so you can retire, but as part of your promotion strategy.

Remember: Nothing Doesn't Matter! If you're going to do it, do it right.

I will have to figure out where I can start collecting a list of Kindle Blogs . . . If you have one let me know.

Now that the Kindle format will be available on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, etc., it's a distribution format you can't ignore if you're in the information business.


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