Monday, February 22, 2010

Introducing the SMB Community Podcast

What's better than the random ramblings of a few people? The collective ramblings of the Community!

So I had this idea yesterday. And now we're ready to go. (How is it possible to get bored?)

Here's what we're up to: Introducing the SMB Community Podcast!

This is a podcast created from the collective minds of the SMB Community. I'm hoping it will be educational, inspirational, funny, and a real community-building tool. Here's the bottom line:

Anyone - that means you - can contribute to this podcast. All you need to do is to get me the audio files. If you totally over-produce something, that might get broadcast separate from plain spoken word. But I don't care. As long as you can legally contribute whatever you give me, I'll try to broadcast it.

I want you to share opinions, successes, challenges . . . Whatever! Tell a joke, but keep it clean enough to broadcast to the general population.

I have set up phone numbers with voice mail on three continents . . . those with the biggest participation in the SMB Space so far. So any time of the day or night people can just call up and give me their contributions.

If you have something longer, ping me and we'll arrange to take delivery of the file.

Be fun, interesting, and outrageous! Don't wait for someone else to create this podcast: YOU do it today!

- - - - -

A Quick Q&A:

What is The SMB Community Podcast?

The SMB Community Podcast is an experiment in letting everyone who wants to contribute to the discussion of topics in the SMB Space.

How Does it Work?

The easiest way to contribute is to call one of our Voice Mail numbers and leave a message. This is best for messages five minutes and less, although almost any length you leave is fine.

In The U.S:
Call L.A. Phone number 213-814-2289

In The U.K:
Call London Phone number +44 20 8144 8788

In Australia:
Call Sydney Phone number +61 2 8003 6966

Everyone can also call me on Skype and leave voice mail there. Just connect to karlpalachuk on Skype.

Everywhere else, you need to pick one of these. Sorry.

What If I Want to Submit A Longer Audio?

That would be great!

Email [email protected] and we can make arrangements for getting us the file. Please do not email the file. If you have a skydrive or other hosted file sharing service, you could send us a link. Otherwise, request a link and we'll give you credentials to upload a file to us.

Please Note: I'm not going to re-broadcast old stuff, and I'm probably not going to throw up a 60-minute file. Think in terms of small "segments" that I can piece together into a show.

What Happens Next?

After we get some interesting input from YOU, we'll combine the audio clips and produce a podcast.

Our goal is to get everyone to give us a few gems. A tip, a trick, a warning, an endorsement, . . . whatever! Make it fun. Make it useful.

We know it will be good!

Not everyone has an hour-long podcast in them. But everyone DOES have great tips and best practices the rest of us can use.

Can You Give Examples of What You're Looking For?


We want someone to tell a joke. We want someone to endorse a product. We want someone to pose a question or challenge to the community. We want someone to brag about a big sale - or losing some weight.

We want all the tidbits that make this a community - a community of human beings all over the globe who just happen to share a love for providing technical support to small and medium size businesses.

We want you to be you.

Where Will the Podcast be Posted?

Podcasts will be posed at

Once we have the first podcast up we'll post an RSS feed, put it on iTunes, etc. Don't worry. You won't miss it.

What If I Have More Questions?

Email [email protected] and we'll post the answers over at

- - - - -

Feedback welcome.


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