Saturday, October 31, 2009

VOIP - Vocalocity is the Focus of SMB Conference Call

Response Point might be on a shelf next to Bob, ME, SMB Accounting, and Clippy . . .

But VOIP is still hot. And as pipes get faster and cloud services get hotter, VOIP in the SMB space is set to really take off.

One alternative (used by my companies) is Hosted VOIP from Vocalocity. We use and resell it.

Join me Wednesday November 4th at 9:00 AM Pacific as David Politis from Vocalocity joins us on the SMB Conference Call.

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We'll talk about hosted Voice Over IP and the great opportunities in for VOIP in the SMB Space.

Executive VP and General Manager David Politis is the founding employee of ZivVa (now Vocalocity) and was instrumental in transitioning the business from international VoIP calling to Hosted PBX services.

David pioneered the company's lead acquisition programs and managed product development of the hosted applications at Vocalocity. David is also responsible for leading Vocalocity's channel growth initiative.

He has worked closely with many of Vocalocity's certified resellers to grow their business by selling and supporting Vocalocity's hosted voip offering.

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Please join us for a great conversation!

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9:00 AM Pacific / 12:00 Eastern
Wed. November 4th

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