Friday, October 23, 2009

In Cincinnati - Ready for the All-Day Managed Service Extravaganza

Okay. Had a so-so travel day.

Here are a buncha random notes.

It turned into a high-tech handheld day and a low-tech writing day. I filled an entire tablet of lined paper and started another before the plane landed.

Ironically, I then hear Dave Ramsey on the radio and he said something that I've found to be very true in my life: Great ideas can make you go broke. If you don't filter very strongly, you can find yourself investing a lot into every good idea you have. Without the focus, you can end up paying for great ideas forever. You need to execute.

Change channels. Too close to home.

Then I find 97.3 fm and it's playing Little Feat. How often do you hear Little Feat on the radio? I may have to move here.

Got to the Residence Inn and the room was amazing. If you've never stayed at a Residence Inn by Marriott, make the effort to do so the next time you travel.

So now I'm relaxing and typing up a few notes for tomorrow.

This will be a super 8-hour tour of what you need to know about success in the modern world of managed services. See the details at

Only $49 at the door.

Hope to see you there.


It's Coming . . .
The Best NOC and Service Desk Operations Book Ever!

by Erick Simpson

Ship Date: October 31st

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