Thursday, October 01, 2009

Prize Wheel Total: $23,116 Worth of Give-Aways!


You always get an amazing response from our community - vendors as well as community members. And to be very honest, that line is nicely blurred in many cases.

I have never asked this community for something and not gotten it!

Here's a little background on The Prize Wheel. When we decided to have a booth at this year's SMB Nation, the obvious theme was Gambling. So that led to The Prize Wheel. We ordered a 30" really nice quality prize wheel.

Then I wandered off to the Comptia Breakaway (in Vegas).

One day I was joking with some vendors that my plan for SMB Nation was to go around to all the other vendor booths, collect their squeezy toys and other swag, and then give it away as a "prize" in my booth.

Two vendors immediately said "I'll give you stuff." So I said OKay!

Then I asked just a few people to donate some things. I'm sorry to all the other people who weren't asked. But there are only so many visitors at one booth! I can't afford to haul back a bunch of stuff that didn't get given away.

We ended up with 229 prices for a total value of $23,116. I'm afraid to think of what we'd get if we pushed it! Yikes.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the great people and organizations that contributed to The Big Prize Wheel Give-Away:

Great Little Book Publishing Co., Inc. (SMB Books), of course.

and . . .

Robert Crane

Exchange Defender


Matt Makowicz


Reflexion Software

Robin Robins

Scorpion Software

George Sierchio

SMB Nation


Dave Sobel

- - - - -

I sure hope people show up and win this stuff! I'm going to be really disappointed if I have to go home with an Intel computer, a netbook from Exchange Defender, a $1,000 Robin Robins seminar, and all these other great prizes.

Please come see us at SMB Nation in Vegas.



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