Sunday, September 21, 2008

VAR Video. Varvid.

Every once in awhile I find myself kicking myself because I forgot something.

[ Okay that's every day. ]

For months now I have been meaning to write about, Aaron Booker's great video blog.

In addition to being educational, Aaron's video blog is fun. Just look at the snaps. Aaron is smiling in every single one of them. Of course that's just Aaron, too.

Without spilling too much secret sauce, let me tell you what Aaron does. He takes good, informative videos from other sources and mixes and matches them with his own. Let me tell you, his own hold up very well to some of the "professional" stuff out there.

For example, you'll find DIY stuff from the Wall Street Journal and even Microsoft.

Personally, I like Aaron's interviews better. But I realize there's a ton of work in that. Hence my own pitiful record of posting videos.

Aaron sets up a background, turns on the camera, and talks to people. And man do people talk! Check out the September videos here:

The only thing I'm not sure about is why old videos disappear. Perhaps Aaron can comment on that. The archives primarily focus on non-Aaron videos.

- - - - -

And Aaron must enjoy this because he just launched another video blog site over at Social Pastures focuses on Social Media. They're nicely agnostic about FaceBook vs. LinkedIn, etc.

Right now he's got some good stuff from a recent Social Media conference, including interviews with people who made it happen.

As you'll learn, Aaron is refocusing his business to provide web content for clients as well as the network support most of do. That's a nice growth industry, and this is a good time to get in.

- - - - -

Sorry, Aaron, for taking so long to post about your cool projects.

Now if you could just point us to the interviews you did at WPC . . .


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