Monday, September 22, 2008

Managed Car Wash

How do people want to buy services?

All together now . . . for a flat monthly fee!

Quick Quack Car Wash now provides unlimited car washes per month for a flat fee.

Four tiers of service:





Not sure what's below "good." I'd personally rather have a good car wash than one that's not good enough to be called good.

But, whatever.

Unlimited Wash $14.95/month

Unlimited GOOD Wash $24.95/Month
Basic Wash plus Triple Foam and Wheel Cleaner

Unlimited BETTER Wash $34.95/Month
GOOD Wash plus Rain-X & Undercarriage Wash

Unlimited BEST Wash $44.95/Month
Our Best Wash, Our Best Value! Includes Tire Shine

And how about you? Are you still trading dollars for hours?


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