Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now Available - Perfect Profitable Projects

Earlier this year, Matt Makowicz and I did some seminars on selling and running Perfect Profitable Projects.

What makes them perfect? That's easy: You don't lose money!

One of the biggest problems with projects in the SMB space is that they tend not to be very profitable. That's partly because the sales people sell the wrong thing, or sell something your company doesn't deliver.

And it's partly because technicians are easily hijacked by the client. "As long as you're onsite all day installing a server, I have other work you can do for free . . .."


Matt and I are proud to announce that we recorded those seminars, had them edited a bit for prime time, and we've created a great bundle:

- Two audio CDs -- one great seminar!

Disc One: Running Perfect Profitable Projects

Disc Two: Selling Perfect Profitable Projects

- Bonus data CD with all the PowerPoint slides, plus additional handouts

The regular price for the live seminar (recorded in 2008) was $399 per person.

When these audio programs are sold separately, the cost is $99 each.

Now, in this special bundle, you get two audio CDs, plus a third CD with all of the slides and handouts . . . for only

$149.95 for the set!

But Wait

The early bird price (through October 31st) is only $129.95!

Order now at SMB Books.

How much do you have to save on your project costs to pay for that? One hour? Two hours?

- - - - -

Here's the official sales blurb:

Growing your business is fun -- but it's also difficult.

One of the biggest challenges is maintaining profitability. That's particularly true with projects.

One- and Two-person shops have enough challenges with projects. As you grow, you have three more:

First, the sales people have to be in sync with the tech team. You need to make sure you're selling the right services and the right projects. That means you need a sales process. We'll show you how to get started.

Second, your sales people need to manage the project handoff to the tech team. All the promises need to be written down, measured, and delivered. Once again, a great process guarantees a perfect project!

Third, tech team members need to be able to work together without creating rework or dropping anything. And again, you're back to having the right process.

Matt Makowicz and Karl Palachuk have each sold and delivered millions of dollars worth to technical services and recurring revenue-based services.

Now they're teaming up for a great seminar to bring you the most important information you need to stop losing money, start executing more profitable projects, increase the recurring revenue coming into your business, and increase the value of your company.

This is NOT just another seminar. You'll walk away with proven processes and procedures to make your company more profitable as you grow!

You are GUARANTEED to learn secrets in this seminar that will save you at least $1,000 on your next server installation project.

Add that to your bottom line!

How? It's easy. Sell the right project in the first place. Deliver the right project and services after the sale.

And get paid for all the "unknown elements" that come up during the project and maximize your profits!

It's true!

- - - - -

Official Release Date: October 15th

Special Early Bird Price $129.95

Through October 31st

Order now at SMB Books.


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