Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Empowerment Bundle To Grow Your Business

Naseem Saab and the folks over at Results Software have gone crazy! Whacko. Seriously looney.

Way beyond "Cuckoo for Cocoa Pops."

Maybe the Big Award has gone to their heads. But . . . WOW.

Over the last few days Naseem has been working furiously to put together a bundle that will only be available to the attendees at SMB Nation 2008. So he started poking around . . .

The Premise was: How much value can we jam into an extremely exclusive deal?

He did not want to ask every vendor at the show to throw in something because they're all going to be pushing their own stuff. So he contacted three partners and asked for a little something.

The result is pretty amazing.

First, Results Software -- The QuickBooks Killer App of the Year -- is putting up almost $1,600 worth of software and training.

Then Erick Simpson from Managed Services Provider University threw in a month of membership with a face value of $99. Of course it includes ebooks, audio programs, videos, and webinars that are literally worth thousands of dollars.

Then Jim Locke from SMBTN threw in three months worth of business membership. Again, face value of $108. But with member discounts and benefits, also worth literally thousands of dollars.

So I felt guilty and threw in a copy of my most popular book ever -- The Network Documentation Workbook. Face value $79, but in my head I think it's worth millions.


Naseem is calling it the Empowerment Bundle. An amazing starter-kit for technicians who want to get going with a huge step-up is tools, resources, and best practices.

- Results Software's VAR/Consultant Partner program ($395 value)

- 15-25% Partner discount on all future Licenses

- Full NFR of Results CRM & Business Suite ($495 Value)

- Full NFR of Results for the Web ($150 Value)

- NFR Site License of Results QuickBooks Integration ($345 value)

- All Results Add-Ons. Includes: Outlook Quick-Add, Outlook Integration, Timesheets & Options Pack

- One Year of Results Customer Care. ($198 Value)

- Karl Palachuk's Network Documentation e-Workbook ($79 value)

- 30 day Premium Subscription to Erick Simpson's MSP University ($99 value)

- 3 months free business membership with SMBTN (with purchase) ($108 Value)

Roughly $1,869 of value immediately. If you take advantage of discounts through Results, MSPU, and SMBTN, you could literally save thousands more.

And how much will this cost you?

What would you pay for this bundle?

$10,000? -- NO

$1,000? -- NO

$500? -- NO

$250? -- NO

$100? -- NO

Your price is only $95 ! ! !

Now, that's a Ducking GREAT Deal!

The $95 price is only good at SMB Nation. Only good at Booth 100.

Only good until the meds wear off.

Will This Bundle Make Your Rich?

No. Only you can do that. But it will be a lot easier with the tools in this bundle. If you want an amazing collection of resources that will give you a boost up, there really isn't a better deal anywhere.

You will need to work hard to take advantage of all the offers, resources, and opportunities in this bundle. But in these tough economic times, this $95 investment in your business is absolutely the best buy you'll find this year.

- - - - -

Thank You to Naseem (the true brains and motivation behind this), Erick, and Jim.

It is always a pleasure to do business with people who

- Get excited about working together

- Are willing to put some "skin in the game" for partners

- Have a generous heart

- And who come through for you when you ask

PLEASE don't get the impression that these are the only three people like this in our community. We're actually blessed to be overflowing with people like this in the SMB Community. I'd start naming names, but I'd surely forget someone. Two dozen names pop to mind. And if I think just a little while it's more like 100, from all over the globe.

Yes, there's some commercialism going on here. But it's sure great to do business with nice people.

See you in Booth 100.



  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    All true, but does it come with a duck??

  2. No.

    You have to EARN a duck!


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