Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Schrag on Being a Micro Consultant

Some one-person shops are (in Vlad's words) Single Points of Failure. We've all met them.

An SPF is a sole proprietor who doesn't know enough about technology to be out there selling his services to the public -- but is.

An SPF doesn't have the tools, techniques, or assistance needed to provide modern tech support.

If an SPF gets hit by a bus, the clients are in trouble because the knowledge of the network goes with him.

You get the picture.

But not every sole proprietor is an SPF. Some of them have invested the time, money, and effort to build a business that's run the right way. They document their clients' networks. They've educated themselves on the products they sell. They've invested in the tools needed to provide superior service. They have "backup" technical support so they can take a day off.

David Shrag -- my guest on today's SMB Conference call at 9:00 AM Pacific / 12 N Eastern -- is not an SPF.

David is a sole proprietor who works very hard to provide excellent, competent technical support. But he grows his business in terms of dollars rather than people.

Some people don't want employees. I understand this completely. Even if you love them like a family, employees can be a pain in the neck. It's not the employees themselves, but the payroll, quarterly reviews, interviews, personal problems, etc. It's the having of employees that's a pain.

Schrag on Surviving

David has a very positive approach to staying in business. You've heard the stats: only 20% of businesses survive the first five years; of those that survive, only 20% of them survive the next five years.

David bets that the overwhelming majority of the businesses that go down the tubes are businesses with employees. In other words, sole proprietors tend not to go out of business.

"Staying in business is easy" says Schrag. And I agree with him here.

Join us to talk about Schrag's Ten Commandments for success, surviving as a sole proprietor, and growing your business without growing employees.

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