Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New MSP University Web Portal Kicks Booty!

This year seems to be filled to the brim with activities, conferences, and announcements.

Well, here's an announcement to make your day (week/month/maybe year).

Please go check out the major revision of the MSP University web portal at www.mspu.us.

See Erick's announcement here.

The coolest new thing is that the site now has a member registration. You can get yourself a free basic membership, so you can view all the MSPU courses for free. The form is easy and not too invasive. Just basic contact info and you're in.

As Erick says, "This is a great improvement over our old system, which required visitors to complete a form each time they wanted to access newly-posted content."

In the Vlad Mazek marketing analysis model, this is the perfect Crack Peddler web site. The goal is that you'll spend time there, educate yourself, drink the koolaid, and talk yourself into additional for-pay services.

And that's fine. It's a great site. Nicely designed. Very attractive adn functional.

You can spend an hour or more exploring this site. Check it out today!

To top it off, Erick promises more content and more improvements down the road.

MSPU has become the premier training house for managed services. And this is another excellent free resource for the community. Thank you Erick!

Check it out today at www.mspu.us.

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