Friday, June 27, 2008

The Amazing Matt Makowicz Sale!

Happy Friday.

Well, Matt tells me that his new book -- A Guide to Marketing Managed Services will be in our hot little hands next week. It's due out July 4th -- just in time for the big American Independence Day.

So we're combining the celebrations and having a Matt Makowicz / Independence Day Sale!

Here's the basic outline:

Now through July 4th, 2008 . . .

All orders $100-$199 receive $10 off.

All orders $200-$299 receive $20 off.

All orders $300-$399 receive $30 off.

All orders $400-$499 receive $40 off.

PLUS all orders $300 or more receive free standard shipping.

If you want to place an order over $500, email me and we'll talk.

Bonus Notes:

These price are in addition to any bundle prices offered already. They are in addition to discounts that already exist.

This is a great opportunity to get together with your user group, put together an order, and ship it all for free to one location.

We don't ship again until Monday, but if you hurry, you'll have a box of great books to read at the old family BBQ!

- - - - -

Of course, there's a Super Duper Deal if you buy both of Matt's Books. Not $200. Not our regular $180 for both. Even with the introductory price, you'd expect to spend at least $160.

During this sale, you can buy both of Matt's Books for one low price of $149.95.

And that puts you over the $100 mark, so you'll get an instant credit $10!

That makes the bundle only $139.95.

And that makes it a great holiday!

- - - - -

Hurry before my wife finds out and the sale ends early!

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