Sunday, January 06, 2008

Anonymous Blogging

What is the deal with so many anonymous bloggers?

Every once in awhile I go in search of blogs and web sites in the SMB space. I do google searches, go down the blog rolls on sites I visit regularly, and follow the trail to find even more.

I find them. But very often, with the blogs, I have no idea who they are.

If someone points me to a blog and says "This is John's blog," then I know.

But when I go to the blog, there's no information there. The content might be good. It might be great.

But no picture. No profile. No links to a corporate web site.

Some have pictures. In fact, some very well know bloggers have pictures, but no name. If someone did not point me there and say that's John's blog, how would I ever know?

If you're really ugly, like me, have a caricature made and use that. Or put a picture of your cat, your dog, or your avatar from Gaia.

Please, at least put up a profile.
Hi. My name is Joe Schmoe. I run an SMB consulting company in Nowheresville. We specialize in Small Business Server, Server 2008, and Virtualization. Blah blah blah.

Why do people need to know who you are?

Well, that depends on why you're writing your blog.

As with everything else, you need to know the purpose behind this activity. What's your purpose? What are you trying to achieve? What one, or two, or three things do you want from your blog?

Whatever you wish to achieve, you will be more successful if people can make a personal connection to you.

All that secrecy stuff worked fine for Batman and Robin, but here in the real world, I want to know who you are!


  1. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Karl - did you really have to share with the world that only us ugly bloggers have caricature pictures on our profiles? sniff, sob...

  2. Thank you, Richard, for providing an excellent example.

    1) You've got the "I'm ugly so I put up a caricature" thing going on.

    2) Your blog ( has a very nice profile.

    3) Your blog is interesting, useful, and puts a real nice emphasis on balancing life and work.

    I recommend it!

  3. Interesting commenter you have in here Karl. Let blogs rolls on.


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