Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Doing a Bit of Everything

What a strange, fun, and interesting day.

The bookends of the day were presentations to the community.

We started with a conference call featuring an interview with Erick Simpson. WOW! Thank you for a great response. We filled the 100-line bridge!

I'm sorry for the folks who got shut out. And particularly for those who couldn't get back in.

Matt Makowicz will join us February 6th. I promise we'll have a 250-line bridge.

If technology is on our side, I'll have the audio posted at on the conference call page in a couple of days.

Obviously, I am very grateful to everyone for turning out. The feedback has been very positive.

Thank you, Erick, for all your help.


Popped into the office. Got out a couple of good quotes. Had lunch with the company pres. Shuffled a few papers. Got payroll approved.


Finally, I finished up the day with a Live Office presentation to Amy Babinchak's SMBTN user group. The topic was "Relax Focus Succeed." Apparently, they talked about the subject for an hour after I got off the line. You can learn more at


A quiet evening with the family.

All in all a very satisfactory day.

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