Thursday, January 17, 2008

Call for Papers

Here's the view from 30,000 feet:

SMB Books ( wants to be a lot more than a place to buy books.

Yes, it has books from Erick, Matt, Arlin, Stuart, and Karl. Yes, we'll be adding Harry and Beatrice's books soon. And, yes, we'll carry all the good books coming out on SBS 2008, home server, server 2008, etc.

But SBS Books wants to be a lot more.

Let's go in the back door at

Here's the vision thing.

We want to make SBS Books the greatest collection of white papers available to the SMB Consultant.

We have the HaaS white paper, which has been very well received.

But we need more. We need YOUR white paper.

How does your company succeed at . . . [some task]?

If you think your techniques and experience might be helpful to the larger community, we'd like to help you spread the word.

Here's how it works:

- You propose a white paper.
- We'll let you know if we think it's interesting.
- You submit the white paper.
- We have our Editorial Board review it.
- If they like it, we'll agree with you on a price and post the white paper.
- When others buy your white paper, you earn money.

Note: no one's going to get rich off this. If we sell 100 of your white papers at $10 each, there's just not enough money for anyone to retire on.

But you can help your fellow SBSers and earn a little pocket change.

The Bigger Goal

Here's the really big picture: There are tens of thousands of SMB consultants out there. We all support different products with different methods. We see each other at one conference or another. And we all have something to share.

Let's build a library where we can all find really great information at a reasonable price.

And everyone in the SMB community wins.

Propose a White Paper Today

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