Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm Dying Here . . .

I've now gone two weeks without a portable computer.

My company owns three and I get to take home . . . none!

What am I going to say? "Sorry, Dan. You can't really run that practice exam for the 70-282 exam because I have to fiddle with a blog post while the wife sleeps?"

I have come to the absolute conclusion that I'm far more tethered to technology than I've wanted to admit. I turn off my cell phone and forget to turn it back on. "Friends" give me a hard time because all my phone does is make phone calls. [In my defense, my phone works in every country on earth, so I can just open it up when I get off the plane and you will never know what continent I'm on. So I don't care if I can't play solitaire and edit word files on 1x2" screen from eastern europe.]


Without a laptop, my monthly client newsletter's going out late.

Without a laptop, I had to drive to the office to get stuff for the webinar I did today.

Without a laptop, I haven't posted to the as I should have.

Without a laptop, I haven't posted to the smallbizthoughts blog as I should have.

Without a laptop, I haven't polished the Project management book I'm supposed to be releasing next month.

I'm getting nervous and my skin is beginning to itch.

I don't need a cell phone.

I don't need a pocket PC.

I don't need a crackberry.

But I DO need a tool that allows me to indulge my nervous habit and write stuff 24x7.

It is rare that I'm awake at 11 PM. But I don't have a laptop.
So I've been doodling notes to myself.


We had a client order five laptops today. I reviewed the quote and told Charlie: "Order six. I gotta have a laptop."


So, perhaps tomorrow, my long national nightmare will be over.

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