Sunday, August 12, 2007

HaaS Webinar

HaaS 3.0

Thanks, Erick!

In the true spirit of coopetition, my bitter rival Erick Simpson and has helped me do a webinar for the good folks at MSPU (Managed Services Provider University).

The webinar is a presentation of HaaS basics, including
  • - Definitions

  • - Key factors you have to figure out
    • - Financing!
    • - Ownership
    • - Insurance and liability

  • - The "Magic Formula" we use
    • - Avoiding cookie cutter solutions

  • - And some tips on getting started
    • - Asset tags
    • - Tracking inventory

and more!

You can view the webinar for free. You'll find it online at

Feedback always welcome.

As I get questions, I'll try to post answers on the FAQ section at


P.S. Erick's not always bitter. :-)


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  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Nice, Sunshine...see you at SMBNation!


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