Thursday, July 12, 2007

WPC take 3.5


I did one thing yesterday that was totally SBS: The SBSC Advisory Group met with Robert Deshaies (vice president for the U.S. Partner Group) and a handful of other SBSCs.

Some great ideas got floated. In particular, some great marketing campaign ideas got floated. Good brain-storming stuff. Microsoft folks (n=8?) seemed very receptive.

Also mentioned that the sbsc partner finder tool isn't quite what everyone hoped it would be. They're working on it. Again, MS folk seemed receptive to the feedback of the room.

Short meeting, but you lose focus if a focus group talks too long.

So here's one more benefit to attending WPC: You get invited to focus groups, advisory councils, and "executive" meeting in secret rooms with guards at the door. This gives you some insights you can't get anywhere else, and gives you at least a tiny bit of influence on the Mother Ship.

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