Thursday, July 12, 2007

WPC take three

My head hurts. Never trust Vlad and Erick when they get together. You don't know where you'll end up, and you might not remember how you got there. Grab some free food here, trick your way into a party there. The fun never stops.

- -

So yesterday was a bit different. The only events I attended were labeled as "mid market."

The good news is: actual knowledge about licensing isn't much better in the MM than it is in the SMB space.

Question: "Can I buy twenty OEM Windows licenses and use them all on the same device, thus allowing me to run twenty-one windows instances on a single PC (1 physical and 20 virtual)?"

B. How does your brain come up with this stuff?
C. The best Microsoft can hope for is that most people will try to follow the rules.
D. NO!
E. All of the above.

(Answer: E)

So the really good info on licensing -- really understandable, Eric Ligman type stuff -- can be found on the partner site here: The particularly good stuff for your future business is Licensing Microsoft Server Products with Microsoft Virtual Server and Other Virtual Machine Technologies.


Because virtualization is going to be everywhere and you better learn it or start getting your drivers license in order so you can deliver pizzas for a living.

It's funny that MS sees this as a mid-market thing. The potential for small consultancies is phenomenal.

Sales training: I expect a mid market sales training to be focused differently than the SMB space. The training was not dramatically different than what we get in the SMB space.

It was a bit uninspiring (which I thought was ironic), but with some great links and resources. Dude did an excellent job of printing off his PPT slides in a handy booklet. Very professional.

- -
So what's an SMB weany doing in the mid-market sessions?

Learning. Figuring out stuff I don't know. Thinking about how much of this applies to my little company.

And trying really hard to figure out what the future looks like.

Sometimes I think the WPC exists so that I can clean my crystal ball and get a better vision of the future. At other times, I get so much info that the crystal ball seems all muddy.

Must process new data before continuing . . .


I missed Huey Lewis and the News. Sad about that.

Stayed up way too late last night. Feet hurt. Sad about that.

Big party -- the mother of all parties -- is tonight. At least I can get a bus back to my hotel.

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