Sunday, July 15, 2007

Farewell to some Great British Friends

Three major players in the SMB space have moved on recently.

People come and go all the time, in our business and every other part of life.

Part of being in a community is to take note of these changes. We don't just let people wander off without a fond farewell.

Three very successful people have been tapped for additional success in G.B. (More, I'm sure, but I will note the movement of these three particularly.)

David Overton ( is moving to evangelize ISVs and to feed them Microsoft Kool Aid in large drums. I pinged Dave before the WPC and he told me that he wouldn't be there because of the "pending" change. I've bumped into Dave in London, Amsterdam, and the U.S. Always a good guy. Always willing to help. Always has a positive attitude.

I met Robbie Upcroft during a fateful SBS User Group meeting at SMB Nation a few years ago. I introduced myself so I could apologize on behalf of the entire United States of America for the asshole who had just embarrassed himself, Microsoft, and the U.S.

Robbie's an Aussie transplanted to a small island half a world away from home. He did an amazing job with the SBS consultants down under. With raving fans behind him, he did a stint working with the user groups in the U.K. Again, always a good guy. Always willing to help. Always has a positive attitude. Now he's off to be successful working on MS relations with one of their major U.K. vendors.

Susanne Dansey ( has been a force in the SBS/SBSC community for several years. In addition to giving her family's business some international exposure, she's built and supported user groups in the U.K., Europe, and everywhere else she could. You might know her as "Queenie" from the SBS Show. After climbing to the top of the world, followed immediately by a marathon, I know she's up to the challenge of helping Westcoast kick licensing booty in the U.K.

Sorry to be repetitive, but Susanne's always a good person to know and hang around with. Always willing to help. Always has a positive attitude.

I'm very grateful that I got to bump into Robbie and Susanne at the WPC. I'm sorry Dave couldn't make it.

These three people are truly giants in the SBS User Group community. And between the three of them, they are largely responsible for the development, implementation, and success of the SBSC program in the U.K. Damn big shoes to step into.

But change happens. I know they won't disappear altogether. But they will be missed.

At the end of the day, we're all human beings with families and personal lives. We meet at conferences and events, and we see each other in this "business" settings. But that's not who we are.

We have family challenges, personal goals, financial needs, educational goals, career opportunities, etc. And so we lead our own lives, occasionally bumping into one another.

I have been honored to bump into these three people. I wish them all the luck in the world. And I'm sure I'll see them again as the world keeps spinning.

On behalf of the SBSC community, I thank them for everything they've done.

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