Monday, June 03, 2024

Avoid the AI Hustle!

One of the phrases that typifies the last few years is "Hustle." 

You know. What's your main hustle? What's you're side hustle? For a real taste of how this term has evolved, head to YouTube and enter the search term Side Hustle. You'll find a million ways to not get rich! Titles include:

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  • The BEST Side Hustle For Christian Women

And that's the key to understanding this trend. A "hustle" won't build wealth. While you're promised $1,000 a day doing almost nothing . . . the truth is a lot closer to nothing. In many cases, someone is earning real money. But, as with all hustles, that's one in a million. And they're probably making their money on ad clicks while showing you how to get rich quick.

People have always been tempted to act like sitcom characters - constantly looking for a shortcut to get rich without working hard, or by gaming the system. Today, Artificial Intelligence has become just another excuse for some people to work harder at gaming the system than they would work by simply going to work every day and doing some work!

As I pointed out in my recent webinar on AI, if you use AI as a tool to improve some part of your work, you might be more successful. If you use it to replace yourself so you can work less (or not at all), you will fail. 

One of the few good things to come out of the pandemic was the wide acceptance of remote work and the ability to send much work off to "the cloud" or outsourced services. Many of us in IT have been doing these things for two decades or more. But we could never get our clients to really dig into remote work until they were forced to.

As with all fads, there's a cycle that John P. Sisk labeled "Intoxication and Hangover." Folks who are eagerly seeking low-work and no-work hustles are in the intoxication phase. Stay tuned for the inevitable hangover.

And if you want to make it through this fad successfully, today's a great day to double-down on working on the skills that you know bring success to your job!


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