Thursday, April 20, 2023

NOW is the Perfect Time to Join the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community

 I posted a video you should watch about this topic: Three big reasons you should join my Community NOW.

Did you ever feel like the world was conspiring to tell you something? Me neither.

But I can tell you about Three Things that are pointing you to one great decision, a lot of excellent education, and a path to a more successful IT consulting business.

One - The SMB Online Conference. It only happens every three years. It's only $399 for two full days of amazing training that you will revisit again and again in the year ahead. It's May 17th and 18th. This is not like any online event you've seen before. Unless you were with us three years ago.

[ Note: It's only $299 between now and April 30th. On May 1st, it goes to $399. If you want to join 140+ friends at this event, head to ]

Two - IT Service Provider University
. Now in our tenth year, we have twenty-six 5-week courses to choose from. Ten of them are offered live each year. At only $399 each, these are the best value you'll find for any training focused 100% on improving YOUR managed service business.

[ Note: If you want to pay full price, now is a great time to sign up for Rayanne Buchianico's class on positioning your IT business for growth or sale. See ]

Three - The Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community was created to give you access to everything I've done and everything I offer across all three brands. That means, your membership includes 

  • Every book I've written
  • Every training I've ever done
  • Every checklist and SOPs I've published anywhere at anytime 
  • AND - You get free access to the SMB Online Conference
  • AND - You get free access to every 5-week class offered at IT Service Provider University

Just those trainings alone are worth more than $10,000 combined. And that's before you join in community activities and start downloading books. 

Why do I say all of these are pointing you to one great decision? Because we're going to raise the cost of membership by $100 per year on July 1st. If you join now at only $1,199, you lock in that price for life.


Join now - before the price goes up - and you lock in your membership price for life.

If you join now, you get live access to the SMB Online Conference in May. 

If you join now, you get live access to all of the courses we offer for the next twelve months.

Don't get me wrong: If you join AFTER July 1st and pay more, you'll still get the content from the Online Conference. But it will be on-demand . . . for the next three years.

Check out all the details right now at JOIN.Smallbizthoughts.ORG.


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