Tuesday, April 11, 2023

What's the Least-Defended Attack Point for Ransomware? Your Backups. Attend this Webinar and Learn More

Too many MSPs take backup for granted!

Backup is no longer the ultimate protection from ransomware - it's the least-defended attack point!

If can can change your retention policy for backups, how much damage could I do? Now, assume I have millions of dollars earned from ransomware payments. NOW has much damage can I do?

Cyber attacks are more sophisticated and well-funded than ever. What can you do?

Start by attending this free webinar with Asigra

Join us 

April 19th 
9:00 AM Pacific / Noon Eastern

with Eric Simmons, CEO of Asigra

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You know that your backups are full of ransomware and old, dangerous code. 

But - you say - "I have immutable backups."

How do you keep that junk out of your backups? And how do you keep out previously-unknown junk off your systems during a restore?

And how do you get back in business without taking forever to filter through every bit of code?

Face it: Your old backup is absolutely NOT doing the job you need it to do. It's 2023 and the cutting-edge backup you installed in 2020 is no longer protecting you. In fact, it's now a major attack point for cyber criminals.

Join Us April 19th are learn what Asigra is doing to take your security to the next level!


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