Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Only 47 SMB Podcasts You Need to Know

Last year, on the Forrester blog, my friend Jay McBain published a post of "The 100 Best Channel Podcasts." I'd like to offer a major update to that post. (See the original here:

In addition to Jay's list, I've been adding podcasts from other lists, my own Stitcher subscriptions, and anything else that found it's way to my ears. But then I started paring down.

Why the update? Well, a number of of those pods have disappeared from the face of the earth. And a few new ones have become established. Finally, to be honest, a lot of the podcasts that make their way onto these kinds of lists are not a good fit for our community. That doesn't mean they're not good or that you can't learn something. But our audience is the SMB IT consultant, Managed Service Provider, and more broadly, any IT Service Provider in SMB.

Here are the podcasts I removed from the big list:

- Twenty-one podcasts on various lists are actually defunct. That is to say, they have posted nothing to Apple podcasts in 2022. Some still have an episode or two on their site, but not on a broadcast network. If you're not broadcasting to a podcatcher, you're not a podcaster.

Eight shows have produced zero episodes in the last three months. One of those only publishes on their own site, not to a broadcast service. Perhaps not defunct yet, but will be soon.

- Sixteen shows, though delightful and often good, are not really geared toward the SMB/MSP market. Some are very enterprise-focused. A large number are high-end sales-only focused. And a few are in a niche popular in the Salesforce world that you might call partnership and relationship professionals. Whatever they are, they're NOT immediately relevant to SMB IT or MSP owners and managers. 

- Seven shows are really Vlogcasts. They have no RSS feed, just video. Most of these are fairly active, but are definitely not podcasts. Podcasts that are audio-first and then provide video are still remain on the big podcast list.

- Of the remaining, there are six podcasts that appear to be in a slump. They have a large number of historical episodes (over 100), but are now producing at a rate of once per month or less. I kept them in the "big list" but noted that they might be fading. I kept them on the list because they ARE still producing, and anyone can have a slow summer.

That brings us down to the 47 podcasts listed below. Here are some notes about what we have to choose from among podcasts in our community.

Of the remaining 47 podcasts, I would consider 31 to be well established. All but two of them have 100 or more episodes, and those two will surpass the 100 mark in October. Of the remaining sixteen, three appear to be going strong. The rest have inconsistent production. 

Of the 47 podcasts on the list, 30 (67%) have guests. And, unfortunately, there's a great deal of overlap among these guests. Many are vendor-driven discussions, which makes them vendor-driven podcasts, whether they consider themselves in that category or not.

Twenty (43%) have ads or sponsors. This includes shows that are self-sponsored, such as Tigerpaw and B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro.

In terms of production quality, the mix is probably what you'd expect. Nineteen (40%) have higher-quality overall production; Seventeen (36%) have average production; and Nine (19%) have lower-quality production. And a couple more have mixed quality across shows.

Of the 47 podcasts on the final list, twenty-one (45%) are clearly vendor-centric. By that I mean that vendors are frequently the guests or the center of the discussion. In almost all cases, this means that a vendor is interviewed for a whole episode or a whole segment inside an episode. In a few cases, it's just clear that the vendor makes the show possible (for example, their name is on the show).

It's also interesting to look at the specialization or focus of each show. The most common topical category, of course, is "Various SMB/MSP." These shows provide a variety of vendors, partners, and information within the SMB IT and MSP world. Most shows fall into this category.

That's different from what I have labeled "Variety - General Tech." The variety group often doesn't address the IT Service Provider or Managed Service Provider directly. They tend to focus on miscellaneous emerging technologies or broader technologies that ITSPs need to be aware of, but might not touch every day. Three shows fit in this category.

I broke out security-focused shows (9) and marketing-focused shows (2) since those are popular specialties in the industry. Some people only listen to one or the other of these categories. Some listen to anything but these categories.

There are also a significant number of shows that fall into the Telecom world (7). Almost always, telecom folks talk as if they're addressing MSPs, but MSPs know that they're not the real audience. Much of the language is the same, but an MSP knows when the topic has wandered over to telephony and they're no longer interested. 

The only show that successfully addresses both audiences, in my opinion, is Changing Channels with Larry Walsh. As a result, he gets his own category as "MSP and Telecom." It would have been a disservice to throw him into one group or the other.

Other extremely small categories are: Mac-centric, Legal, Retail, and Tech in German.

I've broken down the list by subject category so you can easily scan for show types that you either have on your podcatcher or want to add to it.

Timing. The most common podcast length is about thirty minutes. Seventeen of the forty-seven podcasts are right in that range (36%). Three podcasts come in at an amazing TWO HOURS. Twelve podcasts are in the range of sixty minutes up to seventy minutes.

An interesting niche has emerged of micro-podcasts. Four podcasts come in at five minutes or less. There's one at ten minutes and another at fifteen. That means six (13%) of the shows are fifteen minutes or less.

Here are some stats. At the end of this table, I list each podcast, some production notes, and relevant links.

-- -- --

Podcast Name Show Length Vendor-Centric Guests Production Total Episodes Episodes last Quarter Sponsors, Ads
Category: Various - SMB / MSP
B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro15-30 minsYesHigh44440Yes
ChannelBuzz15-45 minsYesYesHigh253Yes
ChannelPro Weekly Podcast2 hours !YesYesHigh2399Yes
CompTIA Volley30 minsYesHigh1566
Connecting IT30 minsYesYesHigh682
Evolved Radio30-60 minsYesYesAverage902Yes
Humanize It30 minsYesHigh21913
It Experts Podcast30 minsYesHigh10812
It’s All About the Questions60 minsYesYesHigh3271
IT4Whiskey Podcast30-60 minsYesLow621
Mike Tech Show30 minsLow8409Yes
MSP Initiative The60 minsYesYesLow1837Yes
MSP Unplugged30 minsYesYesAverage12619
MSP Zone The30 minsYesHigh10015Yes
RocketMSP Podcast The30 minsYesYesLow1297Yes
SMB Community Podcast30 minsYesYesAverage33515Yes
SolarWinds TechPod50 minsYesYesHigh683Yes
Technibble MSP Podcast1-3 minsYesLow642
Tigerpaw Radio30 minsYesYesAverage556
Tubb Talk15-60 minsYesLow1232Yes
Category: Security
Cyber Security and Information Security Stormcast5 minsAverage156190
Cyber Security Today5 minsAverage10060
Cyberwire podcast10-35 minsHigh199990Yes
Defensive Security Podcast30 minsYesAverage2693
Enterprise Security Today60 minsYesMixed28814Yes
SecureConnection: IoT Security Services Association (IoTSSA)30 minsYesAverage1002
Security Now2 hours !High1912Yes
Security Squawk60 minsLow9012
Security Weekly News30 minsAverage43626Yes
Category: Telecom
Channel Journeys30-45 minsYesYesHigh976Yes
Coffee with Craig and James - Channel Futures25-65 minsYesYesHigh1153
MSP Business School15-30 minsYesYesLow9816Yes
Partner Channel Podcast The10-20 minsYesYesAverage10020
Telco in 2020 minsYesYesAverage518
Telecom Reseller30 minsYesLow5050 Podcast2 hours !High2476
Changing Channels (Category: MSP and Telecom)15-30 minsYesAverage1003
Category: Variety - General Tech
Business of Tech (MSPRadio)5 minsRarelyHigh84783Yes
Killing IT Podcast, The30 minsAverage18413Yes
TBI Talks Tech30 minsYesYesAverage302
Category: Legal
Cyberlaw Podcast The60 minsYesYesHigh3788
Technology Bradcast The15 minsHigh422Yes
Category: Marketing
MSP Marketing Podcast The10 minsRarely.Mixed253
Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast25-40 minsYesYesHigh10016
Category: Misc.
CMD-CTRL-PWR40-70 minsAverage48212
Trusted Advisor The30 minsYesYesAverage773
MSP-INSIGHTS – Cloud & Managed Service Impulse15-60 minsAverage735

-- -- -- 

Category: Various - SMB / MSP

B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro
Shelby Skrhak
Not really SMB or MSP. Just tech.

Robert Dutt
One host. Casual. Newer podcast.

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast
Matt Whitlock, Rich Freeman
Two hosts. High energy, quick pace. Likeable hosts. Q&A format.

CompTIA Volley
Carolyn April, Seth Robinson
Laid-back. Casual chat before introducing guests. Sometimes guests, sometimes not. Likeable hosts.

Connecting IT
Dan Tomaszewski
Casual vendorology.

Evolved Radio
Todd Kane
Opens with a snippet of the show. Fresh Q&A sounds like friends chatting.

Humanize It
Adam Walters & Skip Ziegler
Great, modern podcast! Casual. Light and fun. Likeable hosts. Relates today's culture to the topic of the show.

IT Experts Podcast
Ian Luckett
High production value. Recaps last show. Very modern style.

It’s All About the Questions
Laura Steward
Modern looking pod art. Not MSP/Tech related. More about writers and artists. Old school Intro. Public radio feel.

IT4Whiskey Podcast
Mayron Herrera, Joe Ussia, Craig Hickman
Bro culture. Low production.

Mike Tech Show
Mike Smith
Also offers video format of each episode. Ads are very long, right up front.

MSP Initiative The
George Bardissi, Alec Stanners, Ken Patterson
Every episode is live. MSP guests.

MSP Unplugged
Jeff Halash and Paco Lebron
Split into two segments "Resource Thursday" and "Tech Talk Tuesday." Charismatic hosts.

MSP Zone The
Charles Weaver
Has a new topic of discussion each episode. One host.

RocketMSP Podcast The
Steve Taylor
Very low key. Friendly.

SMB Community Podcast
Karl Palachuk, Amy Babinchak, James Kernan
Our in-house podcast. Common Q&A format.

SolarWinds TechPod
Leon Adato, Liz Beavers, Sascha Giese, Patrick Hubbard, Kevin Kline, Thomas LaRock, Brandon Shopp, Kevin Sparenberg, Chrystal Taylor
Average. 100% vendor focused.

Technibble MSP Podcast
Bryce Whitty
Short tips and tricks. Micro advice you can use.

Tigerpaw Radio
West McDonald & James Foxall
Roaring intro. Vendor/MSP focused.

Tubb Talk
Richard Tubb
Happy. Always energetic.

Category: Security

Cyber Security and Information Security Stormcast
Johannes B. Ullrich
Quick, daily 5 minute podcast. Good clear sound. Informative.

Cyber Security Today
Howard Solomon
Small bites of news. No frills.

Cyberwire podcast
Dave Bittner
Modern. Interesting. High quality production.

Defensive Security Podcast
Jerry Bell, Andrew Kalat
Casual. Hot mics. Dynamic is a bit odd.

Enterprise Security Today
Paul Asadoorian, Matt Alderman and John Strand
Two guests or more per episode. Mixed in with low production and overly produced soundbites.

SecureConnection: IoT Security Services Association (IoTSSA)
Julian Lee
Run of the mill format. They have not changed the name of the host on the Apple description

Security Now
Steve Gibson, Leo Laporte
High energy. High production. Maybe too much, though.

Security Squawk
Bryan Hornung & Reginald Andre
Three dudes chit chatting. Awkwardly long rock intro. Sound levels all over the place.,2206/

Security Weekly News
Aaron Lyons, John Strand, Beau Bullock and Paul Asadoorian
High energy. Interesting topics. Kind of like your local sports radio-energy.

Category: Telecom

Channel Journeys
Rob Spee
One host. Average format.

Coffee with Craig and James - Channel Futures
Craig Galbraith & James Anderson
Like a local radio station. Split into segments. High energy plus sound effects and background music. Too much going on.

MSP Business School
Brian Doyle, Tim McNeil, Robb Rogers
Three hosts. Casual talk.

Partner Channel Podcast The
Daniel Graff-Radford
Vendor driven. Run of the mill.

Telco in 20
Danielle Royston
Upbeat and lively host. Casual. Short and to the point.

Telecom Reseller
Doug Green
Sometimes there is an accompanying video. Very low energy. Maybe too low. Podcast
Iain Morris, Scott Bicheno
Chit chat between two hosts.

Changing Channels (Category: MSP and Telecom)
Larry Walsh
Casual and well informed. Larry has a great microphone style.

Category: Variety - General Tech

Business of Tech (MSPRadio)
Dave Sobel
Energetic. Fast paced. Great news and commentary.

Killing IT Podcast, The
Ryan Morris, Karl Palachuk, and Dave Sobel
Our in house pod. Fun and casual. Original format with three subjects. Short, sweet to point.

TBI Talks Tech
Eric Hills, David Polakowski
Upbeat. Lively host. In studio, high quality. Face to face set up. Fun because of this.

Category: Legal

Cyberlaw Podcast The
Stewart Baker
Almost like local radio talk.

Technology Bradcast The
Bradley Gross
Clear, concise. MSP themes only.

Category: Marketing

MSP Marketing Podcast The
Scott Millar
Sometimes there are guests. Most of the time, the host answers questions from his community forum.

Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast
Paul Green
Good energy. Lively.

Category: Misc.

Joe Saponare, Sam Valenica, Jerry Zigmont
Casual. Three guys just riffin' Mac style.

Trusted Advisor The
Jim Roddy
Average format. Great info on retail and POS markets.

MSP-INSIGHTS – Cloud & Managed Service Impulse
Olaf Kaiser
Ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch!

-- -- --

There are LOTS of bits of information here. Please forgive any errors. 

Comments are obviously just my opinion. 

Please send me updates and corrections.

. . . Now start listening!



  1. Nice list with the exception of one omission IMHO - the IT Business Podcast by Marvin Bee

    1. I agree! But his previous podcast has no Apple feed (or other we could find). I've been communicating with Marvin via email to get updated info on the brand new podcast. Page is here:
      With luck, an RSS feed soon.

      Thanks for the note.


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