Sunday, May 03, 2020

Video Posted: Help Clients Thrive During This Difficult Period


Some people have raised the question: Is it sleazy to be selling at this time? Well, that depends on how you do it. Most of the consultants I talk to have been crazy busy helping their clients move to remote operations, improving their bandwidth, and making changes to guarantee security and productivity.

All of those activities can be categorized as "helping" or "providing value" - not as sales.

Sales should always be a value-focused activity. I've always had an example in my head of non-value sales. The picture in my head is the average checkout counter lined with impulse items. These are all about quick sales without regard to value.

But then I recall the few times it has rained while I was at Disneyland. If you haven't had this experience, it's amazing. Five drops of rain and suddenly every single store in Disneyland has ponchos and umbrellas for sale right next to the door. The minute the rain disappears, so do the ponchos and umbrellas. It really is something to see.

But that's not an example of impulse buying. A minute ago, I didn't need a poncho. Now I do. Poof! Instant value. I never think of this move as sleazy: I think of it as great customer service.

More than ever, this is a great time to engage your clients in Roadmap meetings: Strategic meetings about how to make the most of their technology investment. You might not charge for these meeting, or make any sales. But you will provide value . . . and help guide the client's spending down the road.

You've already helped them move out of their offices. Next you'll be helping them move back. In the meantime, you'll help them use technology that they've already paid for. You'll help them move to the Cloud. Remember: The cloud is your client's best friend. Moving clients to the cloud is not just good for you - it's good for them as well.

If you help clients focus on moving in the right direction, no matter what the circumstances, you will be a true advisor and not just the techie. This might include helping them downsize now - and up-size in a few months.

Don't worry about looking sleazy: Pay attention to helping clients to get value from you and from their technology.

Implement wise decisions and your clients will thank you when it's all over.

Bottom line: Be a consultant!


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