Monday, May 04, 2020

Help Your Clients Get Back to Their Offices - with SOPs!

One your most valuable resources is your competence. That requires that you show up with a plan. Don't just show up and ask, "Okay, what do you want me to do?"
Give your clients well thought-out advice. How should they get back to work? Remember, you're playing the role of a professional here, so it  helps to have a plan. And, of course, Standard Operating Procedures are your friend!

Consider the options for your clients to get back into their offices: Will they all show up at once? Will they return in waves? Will one department show up first?

And what do you do with equipment that has been onsite while the people were gone? If it was turned off, you will need to boot it up, patch it, and make sure it's still secure. You may need to show up early for this.

The good news: You have all the skills you need to make this successful. Let's start with checklists.

In fact, you'll start with one master checklist. Consider people and equipment. Include old equipment, equipment coming back from "home," and possibly new equipment that will be purchased.

If you've moved clients off the cloud, then setting up cloud services on the old desktops will be needed.

Once you have a master checklist, you should customize it for each client.

The best way to get through all this is to have business-level conversations with your clients. I call these Roadmap meetings. If you haven't had one in a while (or at all), this is a great time to start having those conversations.

Remember the Peak End Rule: The memory of any interaction is heavily colored by the peak of the experience and the conclusion of the experience. In this case, your assistance moving them into their homes may be the peak of their experience. Let's hope that went well. And you have almost-total control of the "end" experience, if you plan it well.

Let's hope your clients remember you as one of the highlights of this very strange time.


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