Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How to Help Your Clients Thrive During the Economic Downturn

Now's the Time for Client Roadmap Meetings!

I went "live" today on Facebook, talking How to Help Your Clients Thrive During the Economic Downturn.

That's here:

Now is the Time: Help Your Clients Make Good Decisions!

I have a few resources to make your life easier. First, if you need a place to start creating a Client Roadmap meeting, my 3rd edition of the 68-Point Checklist will help (It's free). You'll want to add some business and strategy questions to create your Roadmap Questionnaire.

For more information on that, here are some previous blog post links:

and followup

Plus an SOP Friday post:
SOP Friday: Quarterly Roadmap Meetings

And a Client Roadmap video:

As your clients tighten their belts in the months ahead, you need to jump in and help them save money and increase productivity through the appropriate use of technology. That includes helping them create a secure remote working environment.

When this downturn is over, you want to be remembered as a partner who helped them make the most of the situation.

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If you're a member of the Small Biz Thought Technology Community, you have free access to the three-part mini-course. This includes my brand new 14-page Technology Roadmap Questionnaire. It also includes a four-page white paper on how to get the most out of the Client Roadmap Process.

Mini Class – Client Roadmap Deep Dive

Part One is an overview of the process and a deep dive into the questionnaire itself. Why do we ask these questions, where do they fit, and why do it in this order? We also talk about why you shouldn't worry about finishing all the questions. You probably won't, and that's great.

Part Two, we talk about using the Roadmap Questionnaire to close new clients. It's a very smooth transition from the 68-Point Checklist and a network assessment to a discussion about the client's business more broadly. We'll also touch on the first Roadmap meeting after you sign the client.

Part Three covers the ongoing, never-ending conversation you'll have with your clients about their technology. You'll see how we use this to get the client to engage in the overall health of their network, to make good decisions, and completely sidestep the sales process going forward.

Get sticky. Make clients love you. Improve their technology. And eliminate ongoing "sales" while selling lots of great stuff. It's not quite magic. But it's pretty close.

If you're NOT a member of the Small Biz Thought Technology Community, you should be. We have massive resources like this -- Everything's included.



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