Saturday, October 19, 2019

Killer Tips for Inbound Marketing - from an Old Friend

My friend and former Marketing Manager Monica Caraway wrote a blog post recently, reporting on the InBound conference in Boston. Check it out here: 11 Actionable Marketing Tactics We Learned from Inbound 2019.

Monica is now a Marketing Consultant with Orange Marketing  -

And while the blog article says there are eleven actionable tactics, several of these have several bullet points. So there's lots of good stuff here.

In addition to just summarizing great tips, Monica reposts the relevant slides decks, if they're good. I love this.

Personally, I was a little irritated when she sent this to me - because I totally have to make a checklist to implement TIP #1. And that means there will be lots of other great tips, and lots of work for me to do.


If you read that, you'll see that I haven't implemented tip #1 yet. But I promise I will, but it makes perfect sense.

Anyway - check it out. Bookmark it. Share it.

And implement it.

Thanks, Mon!


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