Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This Year's Roadshow vs. Last Year's Roadshow

So . . . I created some confusion. Let me clarify . . .

Right now I'm promoting two very different things. But both include the word cloud, so there's some confusion.

Thing One: 2018 SMB Roadshow

The 2018 SMB Roadshow is a 3-hour intensive workshop on the most important things you need to know today to sell Managed Services and Cloud Services. Hence, the Killer Combo.


Agenda – Details 
Registration 12:30 PM – Seminar starts at 1:00 PM
Topic 1: The Absolutely Unbreakable Rules for a Successful IT Consultant
  • Deep dive into the 25 absolutely unbreakable rules of running a successful technology consulting business
  • Detailed examples with extra handouts, checklists, and examples
Topic 2: Cloud Services – 2018
  • Overview of cloud services today
  • Simplifying your offering – and making it more compelling
  • New clients versus existing clients
Topic 3: The Killer Combo – Managed Services and Cloud Services
  • Managed Services are Great; Cloud Services are Great; Together they guarantee extreme profitability
  • New bundles examples and price lists
  • Pricing strategies for the new era of MS + CS
… Followed by BeerFest 2018
Tickets now on sale at $199 for all cities.
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Thing Two: The 5-Week Cloud 5-Pack Training

(How I Sold Millions of Dollars Worth of Cloud Services)

This is an updated and repackaged version of the 2017 Roadshow training on how to design, sell, implement, and manage an extremely profitable cloud service offering.

This 5-week course includes LOTS of downloads, checklists, and supplemental materials AND several bonuses.

This free webinar explains it all: 

(How I Built a 7-Figure MSP Using the Cloud 5 Pack Formula)

February 15th
11 AM PST / 2 PM EST
Sign Up Now

I am very proud to be working with ChannelPro Network to offer a brand new workshop based on my Cloud 5-Pack Offering.

The syllabus looks like this:

Week One – Setting the Stage for Cloud Services in Small Business
·         What is (are) cloud services?
·         What is not the cloud?
·         Where cloud fits in the history of computing
·         Where is the opportunity?
·         Attitudes and mind change
·         The future of your business
·         The 800 Pound Gorillas: Microsoft, Amazon, and Google

Week Two – Introducing the Cloud Five-Pack
·         The Core Technology you can sell to every client
·         Begin with fresh eyes
·         What goes in the box?
·         How much is the box?
·         Your offering – version one
·         Server Lite
·         Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
·         The evolution of your cloud offering

Week Three – Implementation, Sales, and Variations
·         Cloud “readiness” procedures and checklists
·         Quoting the cloud migration project
·         Managing the cloud migration project
·         Staying Inside the Scope / Staying Profitable
·         Walk Through: Cloud Migration Plans (per client)
·         Deeper client relationships (Example New Employee Orientation)

Week Four - Cloud Migration Strategies and Procedures
·         Cloud services and managed services – perfect together
·         Defining What’s Billable
·         The order of implementation matters
·         What do you sell – and who do you partner with?
·         Migrating one service at a time
·         Walk Through: New Cloud Service Client Checklist
·         Deep Dive: Robocopy

 Week Five – Maintaining, Evolving, and Integrating Cloud Services Over Time
·         The evolution of your staff – technicians and administrative assistants
·         Don’t worry that clients will do this themselves
·         Rethinking larger clients
·         LOBs – Line of Business Applications – Ugh!
·         Moving client OFF cloud services
·         Documenting Cloud Services
·         Building you sales line card
·         Your future: Technology
·         Mentality of Success
·         Working ON your business
·         Manage Time Every Way You Can
·         Working in Real Time

- - - - -


1. If you attended last year's Roadshow, then you have 5% of the information from this year's Roadshow. Action Needed: Sign up for SMB Roadshow 2018.

2. If you attended last year's Roadshow, then you have 95% of the information in the 5-week course listed above. No action needed for that.

3. If you missed last year's Roadshow, PLEASE do yourself a favor and attend this this year's Roadshow AND the free webinar tomorrow.

You can sign up for the free webinar here:

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Post questions below. Thanks.

- Karlp


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