Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Self Employed and Need Vision Coverage? No Need to Worry About Open Enrollment

Over at SMB Community Podcast, I posted an interview I did with Al Schubert, Sr. VP and General Manager of the Direct to Consumer Strategic Business Unit at  VSP Individual Vision Plans. You can also view it on my YouTube channel.

Earlier this year, I worked with VSP to create a resource guide about preparing for retirement when you’re self-employed. After all, it’s a lot different from folks who receive a regular paycheck. Download the resource guide at

Check out the interview here:

VSP has a national program for vision care that is focused entirely on individuals and their families. They've engaged me to help get the word out.

As a self-employed business owner, you've put in a lot of hard work to get to the point where you are actually looking at retirement. Now there's a payoff you might not have expected: flexibility!

For example, with a VSP Individual Vision Plan, you don't have to worry about once-a-year opportunities to sign up for coverage. You can enroll anytime by visiting VSP Direct to sign up. Enrollment is open year-round and only takes five business days for your benefits to kick in.

Here's the deal: In the 21st century, you can choose to sell your business, take on a partner, pass it on to your children, or slowly downsize. You can continue working at some level for as long as you want. If you truly love your business and your clients, you have lots of options.

As with everything else, I encourage you to move to retirement with intention. Don't just let it happen to you. Choose what you'll do. I hope this free resource gives you some ideas.

Get the PDF immediately at


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