Friday, December 02, 2016

Better Sales Through Better Education - New Audio Program

Just posted a great audio program from Chip Reaves over at SMB Books.

It's called Better Sales Through Better Education

Chip is the President of and founder of the Computer Troubleshooters franchise. In this 50 minute program he explains the role of education in the Managed Service Provider sales process. A typical MSP has fantastic productivity solutions for sale – things like Mobile Device Management and Managed Print Solutions. The problem is a typical customer has no idea what all that means, or why they would want it.

Reaves guides MSPs through “the right (and wrong) ways to use newsletters, case studies, white papers, and eLearning to achieve sales.”

He shares insights on how to educate customers and prospects on the benefits of advanced IT solutions so they will actually ask the provider for those services and products. It takes pushy and ineffective sales pitches out of the equation.

Alternate title for this presentation: Better Sales Through Better Education, Standard Operating Procedures & Best Practices!

Check it out now - only $19.95
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About Chip Reaves

President of

Chip Reaves is the President of and founder of the Computer Troubleshooters franchise. He is also a consultant for IT firms where he helps them improve their product offerings to both the SMB market and SMB IT channel. More information can be found at and

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Also Recently Released: 

Stop Hiring Your First Sales Person Over and Over Again! with Josh Peterson

Josh Peterson
In this 45 program, Josh presents some great tips for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) looking to build their sales staff. As always, he is focused on successful habits and keeping an eye on profitability. There are so many ways to mis-handle the sales department. Josh focuses on proven tips to do it the right way.

Managing starts with hiring.

This program is fifty minutes in length, delivered as a zip file with MP3, slides, and handouts.

Check it out now - only $19.95
Buy Now at SMBBooks

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Build a Robust Email Marketing Program with Barbara Dove

We are happy to announce that we've released a great new audio program with Barbara Dove - a true pioneer of IT Help Desk support.

This presentation was originally made at SMB Online Conference, hosted by Small Biz Thoughts. Dove talks about robust email marketing systems that are helping small IT companies thrive.

Whether the economy is moving up or down, you can Thrive – with Good Marketing!

Check it out now - only $19.95
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