Monday, September 26, 2016

The Really Really Big Big Bundle for Managed Services - 2016 edition

A very patient IT service provider has been exchanging emails with me for more than a week, looking for the ultimate bundle of Managed Service Awesomeness.

Most of you have probably bought a book here or a book there, so you don't really need a massive, monster starter-kit for managed services. But if you DO, I may have it for you here.

The Really Really Big Big Bundle for Managed Services - 2016 edition

This massive bundle has a recommended retail price of $1,827.14. I have some sales going on right now, so you can save about $450 and get all this for only $1,377.05 right now.

But if you add this really really big big bundle to your cart at SMB Books, discount code WOWEE will bring the total down to only $999!

The following items are included with this product:

Make Money with Big Data and Cloud Services - Fall 2016 ($249.00 value!)
- Goulston Palachuk - Project Management - Ebook ($49.95 value!)
- Getting to the Next Level - Manuel Palachuk ($34.95 value!)
- Palachuk Manuel - Process Control for the IT Industry ($59.95 value!)
- Ten Golden Rules of PSA and Service Ticket Systems Training Webinar ($59.95 value!)
- Palachuk - Managed Services Month Book - Revised 2nd Edition - Paperback Book ($24.95 value!)
- Managed Services Operations Manual - 4-vol set - Ebook ($379.95 value!)
- Palachuk - Network Documentation Workbook Ebook ($89.95 value!)
- Palachuk - Relax Focus Succeed® -- Revised ed. - Ebook ($19.95 value!)
- Palachuk - Service Agreements for SMB Consultants - Ebook PDF ($49.95 value!)
- Palachuk Palachuk - Network Migration 2nd ed. - Ebook ($299.95 value!)
- SMB Preday 2015 - Build Your Brand Through Service ($199.00 value!)
- SOP Monthly Maintenance ($9.99 value!)
- SOPs That Will Instantly Increase Your Profit - with Bonus Audio ($129.95 value!)
- Palachuk Manuel - Core Competency Matrix ($29.95 value!)
- Palachuk Manuel - How to Document Any Process ($29.95 value!)
- Palachuk Manuel - Most Important Documents ($29.95 value!)
- Palachuk Manuel - Email Cleanup Whitepaper ($9.95 value!)
- Palachuk Manuel - Five Tools That Could Transform Your Company Overnight ($39.95 value!)
- Palachuk Manuel - Working and Tracking Time in Real-time ($29.95 value!)

Get the E-Book version of all of these products for only $999 !!!

The MSRP on these products combined is $1,827.14.

Many items are on sale, so you can buy them separately right now at SMB Books for only $1,377.05.

But right now you can get ALL of these products for just $999 !!!

Just add this item to your shopping cart and then apply discount code WOWEE.

Sorry - no additional discounts may be applied. C'mon!

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