Monday, August 01, 2016

Third Tier Announces Women in IT Scholarship Fund

I was very happy to contribute to Third Tier's Ransomware Prevention Kit fundraiser - even though I wasn't sure what exactly what they were raising money for. And of course the Ransomware Prevention Kit is excellent. Everything from Third Tier is.

Then I got a note from Amy Babinchak asking me to post a short press release on August 1st. See below.

The news was excellent. So I immediately asked Amy to do a short video interview that I can post up.

Here's the press release:

- - - - -

Third Tier is very excited to announce a Women in IT scholarship fund. 

We are pleased to provide $10,000 to launch our scholarship fund. With this fund we will reimburse the exam fee for women who have successfully passed an IT or DEV certification exam. Exams fees are typically $150-$300.

Why are we doing this? Third Tier is a woman owned business. I might not be here today, owning 3 IT businesses, if my aunt had not given me the money to take by first IT certification exam. This is my way of paying it forward. It shouldn’t be the case that woman only make up such a small percentage of professionals in this field. This is our small way of helping the women that are here get noticed.

For more information about how to get reimbursed women should visit our Women in IT Scholarship page.

We are accepting donations to replenish the fund. That link is also available  at

About Third Tier

Established in 2008, Third Tier only works for IT Professionals by providing them with access to advanced support services. No one can know it all these days, so we give IT pros a place to go to get the hands on support they need in areas they normally don’t work in or problems they’ve never encountered. We also work on projects, fix their accounting practices and do many, many migrations and other installations. Our staff covers a wide range of technologies.


Contact Amy Babinchak for more information. [email protected].

- - - - -

Here's a quick interview I recorded with Amy about the announcement and the Ransomware Prevention Kit:

Please support them with any donation you can!

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